June 11, 2012

The Gravitron.

You know it's summer when the fairs start popping up all over Utah. This weekend was Orem Fest. And if you know my roommates at all, especially Lori, you know we can't miss a fair. She loves funnel cakes and winning goldfish. And of course, the fair rides. We only went on one ride. The Gravitron. You can see it featured in the background of this picture. (I know it's hard to take your eyes off my gorgeous roommates, but try). If you've never been on The Gravitron, shame on you. It's the epitome of all fair rides. Here's what happens in The Gravitron. You pile in and everyone leans back against a mat that's tilted on the wall. There are about 50 of them. Then the ride starts to spin. Keep in mind, you're not strapped in at all. Just laying against a mat. Then it spins faster. And all the sudden, it's hard to move your arms. Because gravity is fighting you. But you can do cool tricks, like turn upside down. (That is, if you have a cool guy operating the machine). Anyway. It turns out we might be a little old for fair rides. Because we were sick the rest of the weekend. And we only went on ONE ride. I'm so ashamed. I'm the queen of roller-coasters. But I guess spin rides are different than roller-coasters.

Oh, you like me flag shorts? Guess what? I MADE THEM. I'm so proud. I made them a few weeks ago when I was home. I think it was over Memorial Day weekend. I've been wanting some flag shorts but all of them are like BOOOTAY shorts. And I don't like when my booty hangs out. So I decided to make some. I forgot to take "process" pictures. But I copied (somewhat) this tutorial. But here's how you make them. In my own words.
What You'll Need:
  • Old pair of jeans (I bough a pair at F21 for $10)
  • Freezer Paper
  • Tulip Fabric Spray Paint (from Michaels)
  • Masking Tape

First: I cut off my jeans to the length I wanted. Then I sat them in a bucket of Clorox (laundry detergent kind) for a few hours. Then I washed them so the fraying would happen on the bottom. 
Second: I taped off the striped with masking tape. Then I cut out stars from Freezer Paper. I place the stars where I wanted them and then ironed them on. (Did you know you can iron Freezer Paper to clothes? Shiny side down. Then you can just peel them off when you're done painting). 
Third: I covered the stripe side with paper as well as the pockets. Then I sprayed the star side blue with my Tulip Fabric Spray Paint. I sprayed kind of far away (always do a couple test sprays before starting) because I didn't want them to be super dark. Then I waited for them to dry (they dry pretty quickly) and did the same to the stripe side. 
Fourth: I peeled off the tape and stars and VOILA! You're done. Cute and easy right? 


  1. Those shorts turned out way cute! Great job!

  2. Way cute. That is smart to just cut off some old jeans. I hate that every pair of shorts are soooo short.

  3. These are AWESOME! I'm obsessed with all things USA, so I need to DIY immediately!

    <3 The Daily Dani

  4. These are awesome! I've been debating buying a pair, but they're kind of expensive. Now I'm definitely going to DIY a pair for myself for the fourth of July! :)

  5. Those are awesome!!! So festive. Do you think these would be appropriate at Halloween, maybe black jeans with a spiderweb. Guess you could do them for any holiday. Jump on it before someone else does :)

  6. I LOVE these! May have to make some for myself, would come in handy in college ;)

    xo Shane

  7. Stop. It! You're blowing my mind.

  8. I'm super into america things, so i jumped right on this. I tried a different way first and failed miserably...then tried your way and they came out great!! thankyou so much!