July 25, 2012

Pioneer Day.


In Utah we celebrate Pioneer Day on the 24th of July. It is the day that the Mormon pioneers arrived in Utah for the first time. There's a big parade in Salt Lake City called The Days of '47. And at night we celebrate with another round of fireworks. (I know you're jealous that we get to do fireworks twice in one month). Anyway. Because of the holiday, I didn't have to work yesterday (hallelujah) and instead we did a lot of totally pioneer-y things. Just kidding. Nothing we did was pioneer-y. But it sure was fun. 

I started off the 24th by staying up til 4:30am the night before. WHOOPS. I don't even stay up that late on weekends. I just felt like celebrating? No, I was reading a book. (Divergent, heard of it? Just started the second book. It's sort of the same concept as the Hunger Games. But only in that it's a future world split into districts. It's pretty good. Obviously, I stayed up til 4:30am reading it. But that's not saying much because I obsess really easily.)

So on the actual 24th, I slept in. Then I woke up and read some more. Then my girls came home from getting a mani/pedi (I was too obsessed with reading/don't have any money so I didn't go). Lexie bought a bad-mitten set so we all trotted down to the park near our house to play. None of us had really played much before. But it was so fun. It took us a few practice rounds to get the hang of it but then we were on fire. We played two games, Kari and I on one team, Lexie and Lori on the other. And we both lost and we both won. We didn't get to play a tiebreaker game though because some fellas came up and wanted to play so we mixed teams. And we had to move our net because some rugby players decided to make their field around us...um? There's an entire park to play on? But yeah, we'll move. (Also, I found out that in bad-mitten, just like in volleyball, I sacrifice my body often to get the ball/birdy. Like full on dives to the ground. Be impressed.) (But don't be that impressed because I'm actually really sore today. Butt, legs, sides, right arm, etc. Sad but true.)

Then we walked to get hot dogs. At J Dawgs, this wonderful place, and if you ever get the chance to eat there, I promise it will be the best hot dog you'll ever have. And then it started raining a little so we walked back to the park (Lexie had her Jimmy Choo purse with her and had to put it under her shirt to protect it from the rain. It was the most precious little Jimmy Choo pregnant belly ever.)

Then Kari's boyfriend Alec (who came with us to J Dawgs) drove us back home in the back of his truck. We played a few rounds of Catch Phrase and then we decided to go swimming. It was nighttime now...if you hadn't caught onto that. And the water was perffffect to swim in. We raced and played chicken fights and the color game, etc. etc. etc. Annnnd then we went home, ate my Dad's salsa (AKA the best salsa in all the land) and I drank some OJ in bed and read until I fell asleep. 

All in honor of the pioneers. (Sarcasm, people.)


  1. Wow, sounds like you really payed homage to the pioneers ;) I love how you have to write that it's sarcasm, because some people totally won't get it otherwise.
    Divergent: that book is freaking amazing. I even got in trouble to reading under the covers until, like 3:30 when I had to wake up at 6. Smart, huh? I just finished Insurgent and I loved both of them. What part are you at?

    My Musings

  2. I like this day..even though it wasn't mine aha.

    Hot Dog places are hard for me because hot dogs are like.. kind of disgusting but so delicious. and when they like.. specialize in them and make them super awesome it frustrates me because I want to be able to stay away from them. But I can't. Because I love them. And that's my hot dog rant.

  3. I think I like Divergent better than the Hunger Games...and I REALLY like the Hunger Games.

  4. I thought bad-mitten was spelled badminton...