April 30, 2012

Mean Girls.

 (No idea what I'm doing in this picture but it's weird so I thought you'd like to see it).

{Top} Francesca's; {Skirt} Target; {Shoes} ??; {Necklace} Francesca's
PS. Did you ever notice how I ALWAYS have a hair tie on my wrist? Because I ALWAYS pull my hair up.

Okay, so I love Mean Girls. I think it ridiculously hilarious in all forms. Mostly because, at least where I'm from, that doesn't happen in high school. But it probably does some places and that's sad. But anyway. Mean Girls quotes are the best. Especially when used with other movies or quotes or things. Like Harry Potter and Mean Girls. There are some pretty hilarious things out there. But this is the best one I've ever seen. Someone on tumblr asked who Joseph Kony was. And this was someone's response. A quote from Mean Girls, changed to fit the situation. Go watch Mean Girls if you never have. Also, I in no way mean to mock the Kony situation. He has done awful things to a lot of people and should be captured. But this is just too funny not to share.

First, here is the original scene from Mean Girls so you can see how close and hilarious it is. Start the video at 5:42 to see it.

Okay. Here's the Kony version. Brilliant.

Question: "Who is Joseph Kony? I'm so lost."
Answer: "He's so pathetic. Let me tell you something about Joseph Kony. We were best friends in middle school. I know, right? It's so embarrassing. I don't even...Whatever. So then in eighth grade, I started going out with my first boyfriend Jason Russell who was totally gorgeous but then he co-founded Invisible Children, and Joseph Kony was like, weirdly jealous of him. Like if I would blow him off to hang out with Jason, he'd be like, "Why didn't you call me back?" And I'd be like, "Why are you so obsessed with me?" So then, for my birthday, which was an all-kids pool party, I was like, "Joseph, I can't invite you, because I think you're a child kidnapper." I mean I couldn't have a child kidnapper at my party. There were gonna be kids there. I mean, right? He KIDNAPS KIDS. So then his mom called my mom and started yelling at her, it was so retarded. And then he ran away because no one would talk to him, and he came back in the fall for high school, all of his hair was cut off and he was totally weird, and now I guess the whole world wants to capture him."

April 26, 2012

Twenty Two.

Yeah. I know I haven't done an outfit post in FOREVER. Forgive me? It's just super hard to take pictures when I don't have anyone to take them! But here's a semi-outfit post. Well. You can at least see what I wore on my birthday. These are pictures from my birthday two days ago. I had a wonderful birthday. Tim in my office brought me Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes. I left work early. I went shopping with Brighton. We went to dinner. Then some people came over for treats. Usually we do extravagant dessert parties for all out birthdays but I didn't want one this year so we kept it simple. 

"It's my birthday, I'll eat cupcakes for breakfast if I want to."
My favorite girl Lexie. She is seriously the greatest and most thoughtful friend. I love her.
She's the one I steal clothes from. Like that skirt I'm wearing is hers. And we didn't mean to match.
Mr. Corey. He's sweet. 
"Hey Corey will you take a another picture of us closer up?" 
My Ladies. Missing my sissy Jessie. 
Candice, Whitney, Devri, Me, Lexie
"Smile like a dork Bre!" Oh, no problem. This is actually my most typical face I make in smiley pictures. Like I've been doing it since I was a child. But this is the ice cream cake that I made. Yes, I made my own treats for my birthday. I didn't have a choice. Lexie was at work and then had a final and Jessie moved. So treat duty here I come! Mom suggested the ice cream cake because it's super easy and we all know I'm no baker. But it really was so easy. Just ice cream sandwiches on the bottom, a layer of whipped cream, a layer of carmel, another layer of ice cream sandwiches, and top it off with whipped cream and sprinkles. And everyone loved it. Also I made these really yummy cake bar things that taste like cake batter. Amazing. 
"Blow out your candles Bre!"
"Bre, what did you wish for?!"
"I forgot to make a wish!!"
"Open your presents Bre!"
"Put on everything you got, Bre!"
So that's what my birthday consisted of. I'm a little upset that I forgot to make a wish. But what can you do?  Also, I'm 22? What? That'll take some getting used to. Since the day I moved to Provo I have been the "young one." Mostly because I've always hung out with older people. But now I'm older than Corey which is weird. Yeah okay. Only by three days. His birthday is tomorrow and he's leaving to go to his river house with all his friends and I'm not going because my sister is graduating tomorrow and I don't want to miss that but I'm super jealous because he'll come back even tanner than he is right now and I'm just over here being pale like always. Sorry for the run-on. Promise there will be an outfit post sometime soooooon. Maybe. Alright I don't promise but I'll do what I can.

April 25, 2012

St. George Ocean.

So you get a lot of random//not so great pictures from my trip! Sorry we just were too distracted to take pictures. But it was a great weekend at home! We watched Ty Bug's baseball game, ate lots of food, laid in the sun, went swimming, ate more food, went on the zip line (sad I don't have pictures of that), and ate more food! We eat lots of food in my family. 

Playing Peek-a-Boo with Aspen
 Aspen's first swim!
(And no, that hat is not mine. It's hers. It's meant for babies. It's just a little too big for her still).
 Aspen loves her Papa. 
We took Corey and some other friends to see the sites. And when I say sites I mean the one site in St. George. JK. It's really pretty in St. George. All the red rock seriously is gorgeous. But in these pictures we are up on Dixie Hill. In high school this was the "make out spot." Funny that's I've never made out up there right? But it's a running joke in St. George when new people visit because we say, "Hey, do you want to see the St. George Ocean?" They are always bewildered because everyone knows, there is no ocean in St. George, UT. There are a couple lakes though so that's where their mind immediately goes. Which is wrong. I'm kind of giving away the secret right now but if you ever visit St. George you'll want to do this. (I know people who do it in lots of cities but the St. George one is the best).

So what you do. You go up to Dixie Hill (it has Dixie written on it, you can't miss it). It's just a big red rock on a mountainside. You can drive up the mountain (it's not far up at all) and then you climb up to the top of Dixie Hill. It's a very short climb but it has a creepy carved staircase and a man made bridge and then a large crack in the middle that, if your not careful you could get your foot caught in. (As a side note, they made a paved parking lot at the entrance? In high school it was dirt and I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to be up there in the dark). 

Anyway. So you get up to the top and you walk towards the edge. Then you turn around and sit backwards and lay back. Please don't lay over the edge of the rock, that would be dumb. But you tilt your head back so you can see the city underneath you. Got it? K. So the rest is kind of hard to explain unless you're looking right at it. So here is the view from Dixie Hill, right side up. Now if you're laying down and looking back it's upside down so I flipped the picture. (First picture right side up, second picture upside down).
And this is what the view looks like upside down. It's not very good I realize that but use your imagination. The sky, is the ocean. The line where the sky meets the city lights is the shore line. It's like a view from a helicopter flying over the ocean. You can't see the stars in this picture but the stars look like boats. And the lights that are a little farther out are like boats in the harbor. I was explaining this to Corey who has lived his whole life by the ocean and he's looking, and looking, and looking, and then AH! Literally, he kind of screamed. Because he finally saw it! And he was freaking out a little bit because it really does look like an ocean. So. If you live in a city where there are mountains, go drive up there or something and try this. It will blow your mind I promise. It's so beautiful. 

So anyway. Enough of St. George Oceans and a little bit more of Aspen. She's the cutest. We were outside before she went swimming and I was tossing her up in the air (hardly, I never let go of her) and she was laughing so hard. It was the cutest. 

 Oh I love that face. 

So that's all the pictures you get. BUT GUESS WHAT. You get some videos now :) (Click on the little YouTube button on the bottom right of the videos to see them bigger. I don't know why it doesn't let you see them full screen on here).
Aspen eating rice cereal. Sorry that it's blurry but it's so freaking cute. Same with this next one.
And this next one is her first taste of an orange. She's so funny with her tongue. 
ANNNNND. I saved the best for last. This is from last night (I wasn't there but my sister sent it to me). 
Aspen just cracking up at her Papa. I love that she's completely serious one second and then dying of laughter the next. 

PS. I think my favorite thing about Aspen is that when she smiles, it's like her smile takes up all of her energy so she has to stop. Watch for it in these videos. Her body like can't handle how happy her face is. It's perfect.

April 24, 2012

Apricot Lane Boutique.

Do you live in the Salt Lake City/Provo, UT area? No? Then you can kind of ignore this. Yes? Then read on babe.

I have been asked to be a part of this amazing event at Apricot Lane Boutique in Provo! I'm so excited about it. You should all come and mingle with the local bloggers and everyone else! You get 25% off the entire store AND, if that isn't enough, there will be refreshments and giveaways. Amazing right? This boutique is so cute I love it. 

So. Go RSVP to the event on Facebook so we know you're coming! There will be so many cute local bloggers there (including meeeeee)! You can see who above but let me just name them again so you get the idea. 

The lovely Katie Beth from the kb files will be hosting along with the boutique. 

Also. After the event I'll be doing my very first ever in the whole world GIVEAWAY! Stay tuned to see what it will be. Also, check out the kb files today to see a little about me! Also also, it's my birthday today. I'm 22. And it's WEIRD. But I kind of love it. One year older and wiser too. Mom told me last night that I was born at 11:32pm on a rainy day. Makes sense that I love rainy days then huh?

April 23, 2012

Princess Taleah, Oh So Fair.

I have an amazing little brother. If you know anything about me you know how much I love him. I love him because he's amazing at sports. I love him because he's such a hard worker. I love him because he's hilarious. I love him because he's kind. I love him because he's one of the greatest men I know.

Before you read this post, I suggest you read these posts. Here. Here. Here. Here. But if you don't want to I'll give you a quick background. My brother plays football and his receiving coach is Scott. Scott is married to Tosha and they have two beautiful children, Taleah and Slade. You can read their blog. This is Taleah.

So last fall football started and Taleah (2 years old then, she's 3 now) would come around with her dad and my brother and the other players fell in love with her. And she fell in love with my brother. So one day, her Aunt Tavia who goes to high school with my brother says that she is going to homecoming. Taleah pipes up and says, "Well Ty is taking me to homecoming!" So from that moment forward we have all wanted to do a dance for Taleah so my brother can take her. But, at the end of August, Taleah was diagnosed with leukemia. Everyone was shocked and devastated. They found out on a Friday before a football game and the coaches told to players before they went on the field. My brother was devastated as well. And this picture comes from that day. Ty and his best friend Mikey praying for Taleah before the game.

From then on they've been trying to plan when to do the dance for Taleah but it's never been a good time. This weekend was finally a good time to do the dance! My mom helped Ty ask her. This is what they did.

"Princess Taleah, oh so fair, come with me if you dare. We will go to the park and play, and get your favorite ice cream Crave. At night will be a special treat, we'll dress up pretty and dance and eat. Guess my name, it will be fun. In football I wear number one."

I died when I saw this. So adorable. So here are the pictures that I stole from Facebook. Three other couples came with them, her Aunt Tavia and her two friends and three of Ty's friends.

The Day Date.

The Pick Up.

 The Dinner.

 The Dance.

 The After Ice Cream.

So there you have it. If you don't think I have the cutest brother in the whole world by now then you have no heart. Because seriously? This is amazing. You really should read those other posts too though. Your heart will melt even more. Needless to say, everyone went all out for this event. And Taleah, I'm sure, will remember it for the rest of her life. She's so beautiful and such a sweetheart. 

Oh. PS. Her dad told her before the date that she couldn't kiss Ty. And she turned to her mom and said, "I'm going to put my lip gloss on and kiss Ty right on the lips so he'll get lip gloss on his lips." Well. He didn't get a kiss on the lips, but a kiss on the cheek is just as good. Too cute.